Specialised MIB Services

unit management

Perform vehicle introductions for your MIB, including vehicle releases, updates, dealer stock, processing of stolen or scrapped vehicles, and notice of change of ownership. We are integrated with leading Microdot providers.


full history

See your complete vehicle database with audit history, and even ask us to import historic data from eNaTIS, to give you a full database of vehicles introduced.

Management Reports

depth at a glance

Get deep insight into your MIB's status. View in-depth status breakdowns including 6 months of history. Know which units have been processed, and where dealer stock has been assigned.

The Innovative Online Advantage

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Why choose us

Manufacturer / Importer / Builder Management

We support any vehicle category supported on the eNaTIS system, including passenger cars, commercial vehicles, motorcycles and trailers.

We work closely with MIBs in Southern Africa to supply a fully scalable online solution to meet the demands of MIBs and their dealer network, ranging from small private distributors to large enterprise groups.

We assist MIBs to stay up to date with the latest regulations, and ensure our systems cater specifically for each MIB's business sector.